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  • sponwed
    08 I Dreamed I Saw St. Augustine
    1 track
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    • Tue at 11:35 AM
  • gibsongirl
    gibsongirl crazy good
    • Tue at 7:43 AM
  • Brian1964Smith
    Brian1964Smith added 6 photo(s) to the album The Julia Brokaw Album:
    • Mon at 10:51 PM
  • Brian1964Smith
    Brian1964Smith Hey folks, sorry about the server being down the other day.  Hate when that happens!  Matt & I aren't always able to check in everyday (I was out of the country for 2 weeks), so if you come across a technical issue, please message Matt Wales or myself...  more
    • Mon at 11:27 AM
  • JasonK
    • Mon at 1:29 AM
  • gibsongirl
    gibsongirl who has seen this?
    • July 26
    • gibsongirl
      JasonK I hadn't, it's a little too much.
      • July 26
  • ianf
    ianf Dave joined Joe Fletcher at the Newport Folk Festival Friday afternoon for a performance of Bob Dylan's "Tryin' To Get To Heaven." Dave later appeared at one of the official aftershows and sat in with Langhorne Slim for two songs.
    • July 25
  • JasonK
    JasonK Just been looking at my copy of The Harrow & The Harvest to find it's not actually letterpress, but the front is coffee coloured. I want an original... I'm sad now  https://youtu.be...  more
    • July 24
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    • JasonK
      gibsongirl should be able to get a copy somewhere on ebay - would just have to check that it's from the original batch with the white thick letterpress insert from aardvark press
      • July 26
  • gnomes70
    gnomes70 I was not told that there was a limit to the number of words I could use
    in the comment section.  Please advise as to the exact number since
    part of my first comments to MattWales were simply left off at a certain
    point.  I await your answer. 
    • July 18
  • gnomes70
    gnomes70MattWales: Thank you for the welcome.  I buy their music for myself and my friends.  They got over being surprised receiving music from me, but they are always pleased.  My wife tells everybody that I never lie.  My old boss from the computer company where I retired...  more
    • July 17
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