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Got to see Gillian Welch for the first time in two years (as a duo) at The Fillmore last night. And they'll be streaming on the HSB website from 4:15 to 5:15. Here's last night's set list:
The Fillmore, SF. 10/6/17
Set I
Scarlet Town
[The crowd sings Happy Birthday to Gillian]
Dark Turn of Mind
The Way It Will Be
The Way It Goes
Down Along the Dixie Line
Six White Horses
Hard Times
Silver Dagger
The Way the Whole Thing Ends
[Set I was The Harrow & The Harvest played in it's entirety]

Set II
No One Knows My Name
Wayside/Back In Time
[Brief instrumental, playing each others' guitar]
Elvis Presley Blues (dedicated to Tom Petty)
Midnight Train
Orphan Girl
Dry Town
Caleb Meyer
E#1: Look At Miss Ohio
I'll Fly Away
E#2: Everything Is Free
Don't Leave Nobody But The Baby (w/ Willie Watson)