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    August 3, 2019 2:13 PM PDT
    I recall during my junior year in college, the drummer of the Australian rock band The Jezabels recommended Gillian Welch’s music, so I downloaded The Harrow & The Harvest on iTunes. Didn’t listen to it till a year after I bought it. Fell in love with the stories and sounds and now I’m obsessed with their music.

    I never listened to much American folk music, but their stories captivated the young English literature major I was, and the clear and concise form of their instrumentation was like the structure of a perfectly enjambed poem.

    Definitely my favorite musicians ever. I’ve listened to their music everyday for the past three years, and I find new insights and ways to enjoy their songs the more I listen to them.

    I still need to read some of their lyrics actually cause I don’t always understand stylized American singing.

    Best, Trung