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    April 5, 2013 6:48 AM PDT
    I'm Sarah Thompson - I can post my full name all over the web without any fear of loss of anonymity! My husband and I have two children, seven and three as of early 2013, and we live on the coast of Maine.

    One of my music mentors gave me 'Revival' and 'Heartbreaker' one summer, and they stayed in gentle rotation while my interests were elsewhere. One particularly difficult winter I started using Pandora Radio for a little while, and every time I heard something that would cause me to drop everything and rush over to the computer, it was either Gillian and Dave or something One of them was playing on or had produced. I bought every album to which they had any connection.

    I remember putting "Revelator" on for the first time. I sat on the couch and listened to the whole album twice. I couldn't breathe. That record is one of the most important musical touchstones in my life. After I heard it, I HAD to learn to play. I needed to create music so intensely that it hurt.

    I immersed myself in their work, and then in their influences, and I found the ukulele and the banjo. A part of me that had been homeless found roots. Indeed, they have staked their claim in fertile ground.