Some of the best music of all time.
  • Created May 2, 2013 by sponwed

    Just found this cool version of 'Scarlet Town' played live by Brad Mehldau on April 25, 2013 at Miner Auditorium, in San Francisco, CA - it's an audience recording. And now I've also found a recording of him playing 'Dark Turn Of Mind' three days later (April 28th) at the same venue. Bass Solo.

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    Brad Mehldau plays Gillian Welch
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  • Created November 9, 2012 by sponwed

    Here's an MP3 of the Gillian written song from Season 1, Episode 4 of the TV show Nashville. I ripped this myself, from a very nice copy of the episode I aquired online. This is not ripped from some crappy youtube video. Brace's not pretty.

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    Season 1, Episode 4 of the TV show Nashville.
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  • Created August 24, 2013 by sponwed

    Just got this gem of a CD in the mail. Abigail performing Winter's Come and Gone (in Chinese!) off her 2004 EP titled Song of the Traveling Daughter.

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    I love Abigail Washburn
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  • Created May 15, 2016 by shinyapple

    A great interview about influential songs, recorded (I assume) during the Australian tour. No prizes for which songs they pick! More info/subscribe here:

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    Don't Look Back podcast/interview with G&D
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  • Created October 30, 2012 by RahulSonnad

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  • Created February 18, 2012 by sponwed

    Mixed interview segments with Gillian and Dave from a variety of dates. Aired December, 2011. Sounds a litte strangly cut together at times.

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    Sandy Hirsch Interview - Radio One
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  • Created July 16, 2011 by MattWales

    THE GHOSTLY ONES by Alec Wilkinson. MP3 computer audio reading of the article.

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  • Created July 19, 2011 by MattWales

    The Fresh Air Interview: Gillian Welch & David Rawlings. Welch and Rawlings perform an in-studio concert featuring several songs from their new album.

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    The Fresh Air Interview
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  • Created April 10, 2013 by sponwed

    Pretty excited to hear a decent jazz cover of one of my all-time favorite songs. Courtesy of the Anders Christensen Trio circa 2009. If I made a Christmas mix, this would be on it.

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    A nice cover of Dear Someone
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