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Give That Man A Road

Posted by Brian1964Smith
Any idea where this little gem came from? There is no indication anywhere on the internet that this isn't an original composition. Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated. Saw a man standing at the crossroads with a tear on his face Was a man waiting for invention in a moment of grace Chorus: Gonna give that man a road he can walk on, give that man a road to Jesus, give that man a road Saw a man deep in the sea of destruction in a storm of his own He been tossed and turned each of the ways that the wind blows been nearly thrown Chorus And I'm gonna push onward in my journey to the promised land I'm gonna shout "Glory to King Jesus" upon rocks and the sand Chorus Once there was a man down in the dark of the valley with a chain on his hand Yeah there was a man made to walk in the sunshine to be the light of the land Chorus x 2
Posted December 11, 2016
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